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My Interview with an MS Warrior

It is very important to do the research on medications and feel comfortable with whatever you put into your body. Always stay positive because a negative attitude will never help anything but will make things much worse. 


Multiple Sclerosis.

A highly unpredictable, painful, rare disease.


Alyssa Bowman. She has been fighting this disease for so many years. Read on to understand all you need to know about this.

Tell us something about MS.

MS is so unknown and I think most doctor’s just make guesses and try different things. It is a very unpredictable disease and things can change without any notice.

How long have you been suffering from it?

I have had MS since I was 19 years old, so it has been about 17 years.

 What difficulties do you, as an MS fighter, face?

The most difficult thing I deal with is a lot of pain. The pain is mostly in my back, but also in my right shoulder which goes down into my hand. I do experience a tingling sensation in my legs, but I am use to that now! Thankfully I am not in a wheelchair and hope that I never will be!

How exactly do you acquire this disease?

When I was 19, I had lost vision in my right eye so I went to my eye doctor. I had no idea my eye loss was going to result in this diagnosis. The eye doctor did numerous tests and then consulted with someone else and determined MS. I was sent for an MRI that night to make a final determination. There is no know cause of MS, it just happens to the lucky ones I guess!

Is there any positive side you can see in the fact that you acquired MS?

Honestly I do not see anything really positive to having MS. I would say the only positive is that I remain optimistic and strong and refuse to let this disease control my life. I am lucky that I have not lost my ability to walk and take care of myself. I honestly do not want to be in a wheelchair, so I just keep fighting against that!

Is there a cure?

Unfortunately there is not a cure yet, but hopefully there will be someday. I mean I have had it for a long time and have not even heard of a cure!

What would you like to tell anyone suffering from this disease?

It is so important to take control during doctor’s appointments because we all know our body better than they do. It is also important to do the research on medications and feel comfortable with whatever you put into your body.Always stay positive because a negative attitude will never help anything but will make things much worse.

Sea Front at 7 a.m.

Heavy tide inhales wind
and gasps out chilly salty spray,
tangles tongues with rain,
spattering the windscreen
with Neptune’s saliva.
Waves wallop the sea wall –
no gulls today.

In the dry heat of the car,
a disembodied voice
on the radio mourns
the devastation of last night’s storm.

The car behind sounds its horn.

Kim M. Russell, 2018

Image: Seascape, 1879, by Pierre-Auguste Renoir Public Domain

A Spring Walk

The smell drifts around you

You inhale deep

The sweet scent of flowers

Drifting in the the breeze


Looking around you

It’s a watercolor painting

Depicting a wonderful scene

Of spring


Dewdrops fall

Pattering loud

Wet grass

After showers from a cloud


Sketch it maybe

It’s a beautiful sight

And the ambience

Is surely just right


An experience like this

Is hard to forget

Embedded in your memory

Now, in place, it’s set!

I Wish

Arshia Vora

I wish.

I wish I had the power with words

That could twist through you like a fork

Bring you great agony

Cause you to stir a mutiny

Against every wrong in the world

About how people everyday suffer.

Because they have no food

No clothes no house no job

But that power isn’t mine

I really wish it was.

I wish

I wish I could make you understand

That the joy you see

Is a mirage, a fake mirror

Built around to protect you

But through those cracks you’ll see

How people truly suffer.

They plaster on that old fake smile

But really they are breaking inside

Cracking to pieces

Under the weight of the world

Carrying all their burdens

Upon their shoulders

But that power isn’t mine

I really wish it was.

I wish

I wish I could open up your eyes

To veiw Mother Nature…

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Sometimes, you wait for signs…

for stars to align,

to calm the crawling chaos

in your mind

under dark seas,

you wait, for sunshine.

poetry and image copyright neha 2018

Happy Easter to all celebrating! Additionally, Happy National Poetry Month ! : )

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Last day of March!

MS Warrior 2

As you already know today is the last day of March and Multiple Sclerosis Awareness Month. Has it been a pretty good month for y’all or have things been like a carbon copy of February? I feel like things are about the same with most things in life. The political world seems like it is still a bit of a mess with a little too much drama for me! Too many grown men acting like children in a playground! We can continue to hope for better times though and even if everyone around us continues to act the same, we can all just stay optimistic and happy with what we have been blessed with in life!

I can say that I have learned so much about how to handle doctor’s appointments better! I use to go into the appointments with many things I wanted to discuss, but then always would get distracted and feel rushed normally by the doctors actions. It never failed, I would leave the appointment and remember things I needed to get answers to and be angry with myself for forgetting. This last appointment I had everything I had questions about written down, which was wonderful because at the end of the appointment I looked at my notes and almost forgot one important question! As y’all know I have another appointment on Thursday and I know already I need to be very prepared and honestly keep my expectations low just so I will not be upset afterwards. I feel my upcoming appointment is pretty important because I am going in fighting for myself and my well-being!

At the end of MS Awareness month, I want to say I hope those that were not familiar with MS learned a lot and those battling MS gained even more knowledge. MS is definitely not the easiest illness to live with, not that any really are easy, but at the same time we all handle it as well as we can! It is a very unpredictable and at times extremely painful illness to live with, but there is no use dwelling on that. Dwelling on what we have to live with only causes more issues in the long run. It is extremely important to do our best to remain positive and stand strong to how we manage our illness. Giving up on our hopes for a cure will not make it happen any faster and will not help us living today! I feel very strongly that we all, no matter what our struggles are must live in the now. Living in the past will not change anything, but it might hinder our present times! We all should have already learned from our past experiences and therefore let it all go and moved on!

I hope y’all are enjoying your weekend! Hopefully the weather is beautiful for you and you are able to get a little sunshine! A little bit of sunshine can do wonders for our mind and spirit! I hope y’all are feeling well and of course staying as positive as you can. I appreciate you stopping by my site today and I will of course respond to any comments you might have as quickly as I can! As always I am sending y’all lots of love and comfort!

Love 2

Always, Alyssa



Arshia Vora

What is it we all want to be now?

We want to be normal. We want to fit in.

Well, here’s the thing. In my school, everyone is weird. So the definition of ‘normal’ changes with it.

Today, while I am writing this, being abnormal is the new normal. Make your own style. Do what you love. Stand out.

You need to be odd to be number one.

Yes, we’ve all heard that. But never given it much thought, have we? We wan’t to do what everyone else is doing, because its safer that way. I mean, if everyone goes for the smoothie instead of the milkshake,  the smoothie must be better.

But have you ever thought that, maybe everyone has different tastes? Or the freedom to make different choices?

Before, you could either be a doctor, lawyer, or maybe an engineer to be respected. Now look at what replies…

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